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Founded in 1960, Alcore Fabricating Corporation is an established and respected company involved in the design and fabrication of Thermoplastic, FRP and Dual-laminate equipment. The quality and workmanship of its products are well known among its many satisfied clients. A broad range of quality corrosion and chemical resistant products, developed and refined over the years, are offered to clients in many industrial sectors including Automotive, Chemical, Fishing, Food, Forestry, Manufacturing, Mining, Painting, Plating, and Pollution Control and Abatement.

Vessels and equipment of varying sizes and complexities, limited only by the constraints of our imagination and transportation logistics, are custom produced. Large vessels up to 15 diameter by 50 long can be produced in one piece. 20 diameter vessels have been shop fabricated for site assembly. Vessels as small as 6" in diameter are also manufactured.

A partial list of our products includes:-

  1. Standard & Custom sized Storage & Process Tanks in Thermoplastic (Polyethylene, Polypropylene, CPVC), FRP and Dual-Laminates. Cylindrical (vertical, horizontal, flat bottom, dished bottom, conical bottom, dished top, flat top, elevated) and Rectangular Tanks designed and built to suit.
  2. Fume/Mist/Vapor/Gas exhaust & removal systems complete with hoods, draft-boxes, ducts, dampers, mist-eliminators, scrubbers, fans and stacks.
  3. Anolyte Cells, Anodes & Accessories for the Electro-Coating Process.
  4. PVC, CPVC, Polypropylene, Kynar (PVDF), Halar (ECTFE), Teflon (FEP), FRP and Dual-Laminate Pipes, Fittings, Headers, Tanks and Custom Fabrications.
  5. Machining of Plastic parts such as wear plates, wear rings, bushings etc.
  6. Photographic sinks, counter tops, light tables and fume hoods for Labs & Photo developers.

The accompanying photographs provide only a small indication of the diversity and complexity of our products and services.

In-house technical personnel with over 60 years of experience in the plastics industry, are available to assist clients with designs and material selections.

Consult us for your needs in quality plastic equipment.

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