Alcore Fabricating Corp.

Plating and Finishing


Alcore Fabricating Corporation offers a variety of specialized equipment for the plating and metal finishing industry specifically for the electro-plating, anodizing , electro-polishing, and chrome plating processes.

Alcore Fabricating Corporation can provide a variety of corrosion resistant all plastic Process tanks, Storage tanks, Neutralizing Tanks, Dump tanks, exhaust hoods, Finger hoods, Vertical hoods, Lateral hoods, Draft boxes, De-misters, Mist-Eliminators, Fume Scrubbers, plenums, duct-works and stacks. These are available in PVC, CPVC, Polypropylene, FRP and Dual-laminate to suit the application.

Whether your requirement is for a single component to upgrade or enhance an existing system or a complete system from the plating tanks to the exhaust stack, Alcore Fabricating Corporation will be pleased to evaluate your needs.

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Packed Horizontal Scrubber

for the plating Industry

Chevron Mist-Eliminator & Ducting

ready to ship

Packed Horizontal PVC Scrubber

ready for final inspection

20000 & 30000 CFM Horizontal Scrubbers

in service at Printed Circuit plant

Polypropylene Chevron Modules

undergoing final inspection

A pre-configured Exhaust System

with mist-eliminator and duct

Polypropylene Chevron Module

Complete with drain and flanges

Acid Removal System complete with

PVC Hoods, Ducts, Demisters & fans

Large PVC Chevron Module being

lifted with Spreader Bar

Interior FRP Ductwork showing

Header and Risers