Alcore Fabricating Corp.

Dual-Laminate Plastics


Dual-laminates combined the superior chemical resistance of thermoplastics with the higher structural integrity of thermosetting plastics to meet the needs of the most stringent applications. Dual-laminates of PVC/FRP, CPVC/FRP, PE/FRP, PP/FRP, PVDF/FRP, HALAR/FRP and FEP/FRP are available. Dual-laminate type is selected to provide the optimal design to suit the intended application.

Tanks (all types), ductwork, hoods, draft-boxes, stacks, scrubbers, demisters, mist eliminators, exhaust systems, pipes, piping systems and headers, and custom fabrications are some of the products offered in dual-laminates.

Is your application too corrosive for unlined FRP or the process temperature too high for unreinforced Thermoplastics? Dual-Laminates could be the answer.

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PVC lined FRP fan and Mist-Eliminator

for the removal of Chromic Acid Mists

PVC lined FRP Tank

for the storage of corrosive chemicals

Polypropylene lined FRP Tanks

for the Mining Industry

CPVC lined FRP Scrubber

for the Pulp & Paper Industry