Alcore Fabricating Corp.

Electro-Coating Paint Systems


Since 1970 Alcore Fabricating Corporation offers a number of specialized equipment for the ELPO/ECOAT ELECTRO-COATING PAINT industry.

Flat and Semi-cylindrical designs of anolyte cells, membraned and non-membraned cylindrical Over-Head and Bottom anodes are available from Alcore Fabricating Corporation. Accessories such as Diodes, Heat-Sinks and Flow-Meters are also available.

Alcore's Anolyte cells and anodes are custom designed and built to meet stringent in-house and client specifications. Sizes from 4' to 12 long are available to meet most applications. Cells and anodes are used in automotive and non-automotive applications and for both Anodic and Cathodic Process.

Alcore Fabricating Corporation is an approved and specified supplier of Anolyte cells, anodes and accessories to the major automotive manufacturers around the world. Anolyte Cells from Alcore Fabricating Corporation are combating rust in automobiles throughout the world:- North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

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Model HPC Semi-Cylindrical Anolyte Cells

to upgrade an existing Dip Tank.

Model MK II Flat Anolyte Cells

in service since 1970

Model OHM Membraned OverHead Cells

Model BTB Bottom Anodes

Above are some of the Alcore Cells and Anodes typically used by the Automakers.